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Marine Services and Shipping Ltd

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About us

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Our Core Values

Our corporate culture is distinguished by the Can Do! spirit and eight, equilly important, core values that represent Integrity, Customer Focus, Quality, Responsibility, Commitment to HSE, Innovation & Learning, Global Mindset & Teamwork.

"CAN DO!"  - Our Belief, Attitude, Culture

We possess the energy and enthusiasm to take on any challenges, striving forward with our Can Do attitude in order to drive our desired results and deliver jobs on time with cost-effective performance and minimal wastage in resources.

Customer Focus

We drive Customer Success by providing value-added services on time, at fair price. We fulfil our promises, building up their trust and confidence in us, thus establishing a good working partnership.

Commitment to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

We are committed to achieving excellent results in our HSE performances at workplace. Our commitment to HSE would not be compromised to achieve other business objectives. We must always be proactive in identifying existing and potential HSE hazards, and work towards eliminating and or mitigating the impact of the hazards. Responsibility for HSE falls on everyone in the workplace which includes employees, customers, contractors, etc.


We will comply with the requirements  of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and constantly strive to improve the quality of services provided to our customers. 


We are responsible towards: 

  1. Our Customers - by providing value-added services
  2. Our Employes/Contractors - by ensuring safety and well-being of Employes/Contractors, and providing fair and equitable rewards;
  3. Our Suppliers - by  estalishing mutually beneficial working relationship;
  4. Our Community - by supporting community work and others in need;
  5. Our Environment - by ensuring that all our processes meet the minimal and legal enviromental standards


We act with integrity, responsibility, honesty in all business operations, "walk the talk" by ensuring actions are consistent with words, creating environment where people are encourage to bring forward compliance issues.

Innovations & Learning

We strongly believe that there is always a better way to do things. We continuosly strive to innovate and improve our services., seek new knowledge, learning and adopt the best practices in all spheres of our business.

Global Mindset

We grow our people, market, business globally by acting in a boundaryless fashion and thinking globally. We recognize that all individuals are different and equal, and they bring different competencies, views and experiences to work. We prize such diverse intellectual capital and apply the best ideas regardless of the source.

People & Teamwork

People are one of our key assets and we respect each individual, value their contributions, reward them fairly, develop them to their full potential and providing them with leadership opportunities to realise their career aspirations. We strongly believe that building up effective teamwork and team spirit is a foundation for company's success because people who share common goal and have a sense of identity, belonging and community deliver far greater results.