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Marine Services and Shipping Ltd

We don’t just sell services, we provide solutions

Ship Management Marine Software

We provide and develop software solutions, building up databases etc. especially designed for maritime companies for easy and cost effective ship management. The main target of all above is to make the ships management easier, cost effective and to significantly reduce the manual paperwork, hard copies and mail, arriving in the office on a regular basis. Our team includes personnel from not only qualified programmers, but also ex-sea officers and engineers, well familiarized with marine business and ships management. 

Currently we can offer the following standard products and services for the shipping industry:

1. User Applications

Administration supporting applications:

2. Office Utility for database administration building up and maintenance of the vessels and office

3. Office-Onboard Database Synchronization Utility.

This application is designed to deal with the de-synchronization, which is the main problem of keeping central (office) and peripheral (onboard) databases and not having real time connection in order to synchronize peripherals. The utility provides verification of the process, so there is no loss of synchronization information if communication systems are down for some time.

4. Maintenance and Support of the system

Provision of all required Manuals and User Guides/ Instructions for Office and Onboard for each module.

5. Building Up Office and Vessels Databases

We are using one of the following 3 options:

• Option 1 - Using existing database to build-up a new database. If you have an existing database we can use it to transform  and transfer all data.

• Option 2 - We will arrange and send one of our qualified personnel onboard your vessel for 7-10 days in order to collect all necessary data for building up the vessel’s complete database – deck & engine equipment, safety  equipment, surveys and certificates, machinery’s maintenance plan, spare parts database etc.

• Option 3 - Our requirements for building up the database will be sent to you asking to provide information about the following: vessel’s machineries/equipment, locations, surveys/certificates and their present status, instruction manuals and code books for most of the equipment. Then the database will be built up by our personnel