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Condition Monitoring

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Vibration diagnostics

The types of mechanical faults which can occur on a given machine are well known to maintenance personnel. What is needed is a straightforward message that a fault is developing, and an indication of its severity. If the expected machine fault is defined, you can easily pick the monitoring method which will provide the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable result.

With our own Lenova Diamond portable device our service engineers can do analysis via following methods:

HD technologies

Condition monitoring with High Definition (HD) technologies provides extremely long pre-warning times, thus maximizing the planning horizon for maintenance and repairs. This in turn enables fully utilizing asset life, cutting repair costs and minimizing the consequences of unplanned downtime.


SPM HD®  stands for Shock Pulse Method (SPM) used for fast, easy and reliable diagnosis of the operating condition of rolling element bearings.

Advanced digital technique and RPM-based sampling frequency makes SPM HD particularly well suited for measurement on low speed applications. Sophisticated mathematic algorithms makes the measuring technique less sensitive to interference from other signals. Extraordinary signal quality and 24 bit A/D conversion provides razor sharp resolution and exceptional detail in spectrums and time signals. Time signals are very easily interpreted, making the type and extent of the damage simple to determine. SPM HD can be used to monitor applications in the 0.1 - 20 000 RPM range.