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Retrofits / Modifications

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Engine performance monitoring systems

MSS provides the equipment, the installation and the maintenance of two different systems all with the same high accuracy, using PC to evaluate data:

Diesel Combustion Analyzer – Single Sensor: developed to use for one up to four engines, monitoring the cylinder pressure and fuel injection system. Operating costs, especially labor and maintenance costs or not running hours, get shorter. The superficial intention is to optimize engine operations while saving time and investigations. The system is permanently wired up and connected with a PC. A junction box on each engine allows easy connection of the pressure sensor and the control unit to take a measurement.

Diesel 24/7 Monitoring Multi-sensor System: the most advanced system for continuous diesel engine performance. It has been developed for Main Engines only. It can monitor up to 12 cylinders and log the data permanently. The 24/7 Monitoring System is a comprehensive system for continuous engine performance measurement and monitoring which will provide the key knowledge for obtaining optimum and reliable engine performance. With the aid of the combustion information you will have minimum engine wear, and optimum emission and fuel consumption